About SKIM

Welcome to SKIM Ceramics!

My name is Susie and I own and operate this little, but mighty, pottery shop. My art is inspired by minimalistic functional design for every home, and entirely handmade in small batches (I'm a one-woman show for now). 

Here's a little about me:

A New Year's resolution led me to my very first pottery class in 2016 and as you may have already guessed, I fell head over heels for the craft and never looked back.

During the great dumpster fire of 2020, I sat in my apartment and asked my millennial-self:

What is my purpose?
Am I pursuing my passion?
Have I come too far to turn around?

Typical existential crisis, right? So, I took a huge chance on myself, laid down the biggest bet and threw in all of my chips (metaphorical, not potato). I moved out of the city, left my corporate job, and allowed myself to pursue something outside of the typical life template.

I slowly built myself a little pottery studio at home (shout out to my parents for the home studio space, you da best), made mistakes on the daily, stretched my wrists like my life depended on it and learned a whole lot through it all.

A year later, I started SKIM Ceramics, a little place in internetland where I can share my art, and sarcasm, for others to hopefully enjoy as well. I feel truly privileged to have had the courage and support to come this far and I hope I can inspire others to do the same.

So, thank you for dropping to support the SKIM Ceramics online shop. I'm so happy and grateful that you found your way here.